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The Royal Artillery Association was started on 26 May 1920 by the RA War Commemoration Fund to create a ‘Gunner Friend’ network organisation in every part of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth; in essence to create and foster a bond of comradeship irrespective of rank, between all who are serving or who have ever served as artillerymen and to maintain and promote the proud traditions of ‘Ubique’. It was also designed to watch and help those in need or distress and maintain contact with old comrades. I

The Royal Artillery Charitable FUnd also has the needs of Gunners and their families at heart, especially those who have fallen on hard times. The haritable Fund financially supports all officers and soldiers and their dependants whether serving or retired, widowed or divorced who are in need.

Supporting those that Serve, Supporting those that have Served....

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RAA Fantasy Football

I chose this charity because it has helped me through dark times and my colleagues with various problems in the past and I believe it’s the least I could do. Royal Artillery charitable fund works to support Ex and Serving Servicemen and women and their families. I&rsquo ...

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